Sunday, 4 August 2013

More than expected: the magic of architectural space and images

Standing at the foot of the gigantic statue - supposedly the largest in India - of the god, Hanuman, who stands on one of the misty mountains overlooking Shimla, in Himachal Pradesh, seat of the summer government of the Brits in colonial times. Escaping the summer heat, this was a perfect retreat and a soft landing in India

A cafe in Fort Cochin (Kochi) with an extravangant gallery of sculptures and exquisite works of art made the coffee taste even better!

Across for the Fort House Hotel, where I put up for three nights, a cultural centre was home to a school of classical dance (Kathakali), a museum, restaurant, and art gallery.  This provocative painting is just one sample from gallery. A self-portrait of the artist. Still have not been able to make sense of  the phallic toe! Help me, someone!

The goddess, Parvati, graces the entrance to the cultural centre in Fort Cochin, Kerala.

A manipulated image of one of the many temples in downtown Thiravananthapuran, Trivandrum.

VT - Victoria Terminus, otherwise known as Chitrapatti Sivaji  Temirnus(need to check spelling) - the elaborate colonial train station in Mumbai, still known as Bombay. More like an impressive cathedral

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