Sunday, 4 August 2013

Palakkad and Tamil Nadu

Even though she didn't have the best selection of fabrics, this humble woman wasn't pushy so I chose to purchase a two saris. One to cut up and make cushions for my living room in Kampala (150 rupees/3 dollars) and another for Anne Hecker, a friend who requested something bright and bold. No shortage of that!

Rice paddies and threatening clouds on the bus ride to Palakkad, on my way to the mountains of Tamil Nadu.

More rice paddies - cultivating rice is not an easy thing!

On the dam wall of a colonial project outside Palakkad. Locals hang out in the sculpted gardens and have picnics

While eating lunch - chicken curry - I captured this scene on the street. A guava seller.

They say that Tamils have their roots in Africa...before the splitting of the continents. Well, this could very well be Kampala!

Flower sellers abound. most of the garlands are for the temples. However, many women hand jasmine flowers in this hair. The fragrance permeates the worst of street smells. I purchased a garland for 20 rupees. (40 cents)

Tamil Nadu has a woman state leader - her influence is easily seen with the high number of woman police officers. This scene is outside the hotel in Mettupalayam where I put up for a night in order to take the early morning train into the mountains.

Across from the hotel in Mettupayalam, I grabbed a coffee in a local restaurant. This group of boys was celebrating an event - but I don't know what because I didn't ask! They were practising their English with me and I didn't quite get the reason for the outing.

In the mountains, the temperature drops fast. most women seem to keep their woolen shawls handy. Notice the woolen headcover on both the woman and child. This photo was taken at the bus station in Ooty, while waiting for my bus back to Palakkad. Later, I noticed a big sign forbidding the taking of photographs. Oops!

Rice paddies in the south of Tamil Nadu. Taken from the train window on my way to Kanyakumari, the tip of India where the Indian Ocean meets the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The low lying mountains were spectacular and there was a distinct change in vegetation. Trees were smaller, the bushes more Mediterranean looking, and the coconut palms vanished.

Kanyakumari - at the tip of the sub-continent

At the ferry line-up, waiting to go to the viewing points at the tip of India

A view through the latticed bricks - A view of Saint Rich Church and Our Lady of Refuge Church

The temple at the rocks at the tip of India

A view of the mixing waters - taken from the viewing tower. 

The driver of the bus on the way back from Kanyakumari to Thiruvananthapuram. 

Notice the rice paddies in the background and the women toiling.

This reminded me of the Greek Islands...don't know why. There is something universal about coastal cities and villages.

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