Sunday, 4 August 2013

Mumbai - Time to leave

Mumbai, or Bombay if you insist, is a city deserving of more than three days! I was ever so sorry I couldn't stay longer.

The impressive cupola of the main train station - VT - Victoria Terminus, otherwise known by the new name, Chatrapati Sivaji Terminus

An interior view of the main section of the train station, Mumbai

While tickets can be purchased from machines, some people insist in lining up!

Handling millions of passengers per day, one never gets the feeling of being overwhelmed. Certainly not while I was there around noon! Perhaps I should have tried rush hour. No thanks.

In search of books, I wondered into several book shops around the  main train station.

Purchases in hand - videos, books, I was finally ready to say goodbye to this wonderful city.

An urchin manages to steal fresh drinking water from a truck while it is forced to stop in traffic!

Fariyas Hotel in Colaba was a great place to stay. Conveniently located for my needs, close to the Gate of India, cafes, and a local market.

A local market in Colaba - could be anywhere in Kampala!

I could see the water from my hotel window. As you can see, looming rain clouds!

The hotel was only  a stones throw from the grittier side of Mumbai - shacks for the poor trying to eek out an existence in the big city.

When the tide is out, the site isn't so pretty. But, it does give some people a chance for a crap. Simple things in life.

Chickens wander aimlessly amidst the heaps of garbage and derelict bicycles.

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